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Foster territorial cooperation for sustainable
and resilient territorial food systems
and a global transition to agroecology

For a transition towards sustainable territorial food systems

Let’s Food Cities project acknowledges the central role of food in building resilient and sustainable territories in cities.

Promoting a sustainable territorial-based food system implies providing a pleasant living environment, good and healthy food, and appropriate livelihoods for inhabitants, while also developing a local economy based on new types of links between urban and rural areas and between farmers and consumers. Food is the solution to many issues!

Many cities around the world are committed to sustainable food systems, they can choose to go even further by exchanging and spread good practices, and build with local food actors a sustainable food strategy.

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What's a sustainable food system?


Produce local and good food


Reduce and manage food waste


Eat well and smart


Ensure inclusive governance


Add value locally


Mutualize transport


Trade at fair prices

"A chaque pépin, sa pastèque."

The transition to sustainable food systems starts now.

Our current food system is heading to its downfall. It is vital that we start rethinking food supply and distribution systems : cities are potent actors in working towards a food and environmental shift. Re-territorializing food systems means opting for a new model at a local level : the choice to protect agricultural lands threatened by urban sprawl, to favor environmentally-conscious cultivation methods, to provide fellow citizens with healthy and tasty foods, to restore local products to their real value, and the choice to fight global warming together.

Disseminate, adapt, develop.

A number of cities have committed at international level to build more sustainable food systems, and back it up at the local level by co-constructing their food plans with local actors. On the other hand, some cities still lack experience and seek tools and inspiration to accelerate their own transition. The Let’s Food Cities project’s goal is to encourage and facilitate international cooperation in the food and agriculture sectors between each of the seven French signatory cities of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and one of their twinned cities.

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A 3 years project

Year 1

Deciding on 7 duos of cities and analyzing their food systems

Once the duos of cities are established, a preliminary assessment report of each of the 14 selected cities is carried out by volunterring students hailing from 22 different French universities. This step cements our understanding of the local food systems and helps us identify possible areas of collaboration between the two cities.

Year 2

Let’s Food Cities meets local actors : six-week mission in each twinned city

The mission in each foreign city is dedicated to: producing a short film illustrating the local food system and its main stakeholders, organizing a workshop with these stakeholders in order to collectively identify possible action plans, hold a festive event, in attendance of local authorities, to give present the findings and raise public awareness on the topic of sustainable food systems.

Year 3

Monitoring of established partnerships and promotional work

Upon the return to France, we present the results and findings to the partners of the project, including local authorities in each city and universities. To this end, we produce a film featuring a narrative of the cities and the initiatives encountered and a compilation report intended for publication; these will be widely diffused thanks to a series of national and international conferences.


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