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Support French intercommunalities in the development of international cooperation in the field of sustainable territorial food systems.

Certain regional authorities, in France and abroad, are already working in partnership with local actors to set up public, private or even associative solutions to make the agroecological and food transition necessary at the local scale. City-city cooperation is a relevant lever to accelerate this transition and ensure an impact on a global scale. The COOPALIM project wishes to encourage and increase food cooperation between French and foreign territories. For this, 3 types of actions are proposed.

The COOPALIM project is the winner of the 2020 call for projects of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE-DAECT) of the decentralized cooperation program “Clé en main”



Construction of a training for French local authorities to develop international food cooperation: tools and funding available, feedback from other local authorities.


Implementation of cooperation projects on sustainable food between Montpellier and Fès and Grenoble and Sfax, following the foreshadowing work carried out by Let’s Food (Let’s Food Cities project, 2019)


Carrying out a preliminary study for 2 French intercommunalities interested in setting up food cooperation with a foreign territory.


The COOPALIM project is supported by the Terres en Ville association. Terres en Villes is the French network of agricultural and food policy actors in urban areas. Let’s Food and Terres en Ville are working together on the COOPALIM project in order to combine their experiences in France and internationally to encourage communities to engage in food cooperation.

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