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The implementation of a local food strategy supposes new skills and new approaches within the territories: elected officials, technicians, coordinator of territories, producer groups, etc.: all actors, whether private, public or associative, are concerned. The Let's Food association offers training to professionals of today and tomorrow, in universities, communities or even companies, in order to better understand the complexity of food issues and the issues of the actors concerned and be able to offer relevant solutions up to the challenges.


Initial training

For universities

Many disciplines are necessary to understand the food question, which is intrinsically transversal: agronomy, town planning, geography, political science but also sociology, nutrition, economy. The Let’s Food association works with students by adapting content according to the course in order to ensure operational understanding and a natural consideration of food issues in their future responsibilities. This module helps to meet the environmental and social requirements of students vis-à-vis their schools in the face of current issues: raising awareness and training in meaningful professions.

“Sustainable territorial food systems” modules from 4 hours to 3 days

The Let’s Food association offers interventions of 4 hours to 3 days with various university courses, from License 1 to Master 2 in France and abroad. Regarding the content:

  • – presentation of international issues related to food
  • – introduction to the notion of territorial food system
  • – emergence of urban and territorial food policies in France and internationally
  • – case study of food policies in France and around the world
  • – screening of Let’s Food films presenting the food system of a territory in the world
  • – animation around a game on the co-responsibility of the actors involved in a food system
  • – presentation of jobs in food resilience

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Continuing education

For elected officials, technicians, development professionals

The Let’s Food association also offers continuing education modules for professionals in order to support them in understanding the concepts of urban food systems, stakeholder issues, skills or funding to be mobilized.

This training is aimed at elected officials, community technicians in charge of the territorial food project, land, public markets for collective catering, etc. but also corresponds to development agencies and associations wishing to strengthen the territorial approach to food and their knowledge of urban / rural connections.

Adapted training modules

Depending on needs and profiles, different content is offered:

  • – introduction to the concept of a sustainable and resilient food system
  • – presentation of stakeholder issues and the concept of co-responsibility
  • – skills and tools to be mobilized for the implementation of a territorial food policy
  • – support for inter-service cooperation within a community around a food policy
  • – training in the territorial diagnostic tool (assessment of the sustainability of the food system), etc.


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