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The team


Anna Faucher

Director and cofounder

Anna has a background in Political Science and International Cooperation. Following several professional experiences in International Organizations (UNESCO, FAO), she decided to complete her training with the Master’s degree “Innovations and Policies for Sustainable Food” at Montpellier SupAgro. Anna then worked for 3 years at the IUFN, which helps French local authorities setting up territorial food projects. It has thus conducted the assessment of the food system of Bordeaux, the Basque Country, provided support to the food projects of Nantes Métropole or the Community of Agglomeration of Le Havre. She also initiated the first food policy council in France: the Advisory Council for Sustainable Food Governance, led by the Bordeaux metropolis.


Louison Lançon

Deputy director and cofounder

Louison has a background in agronomy (AgroSup Dijon). After various experiences in agroecology and agroforestry, she followed the Master “Innovations of Food Systems of the World”. For 3 years, Louison works at the United Nations Organization for Agriculture and Food (FAO), in the Food for the Cities Programme. She has worked in sensitizing and supporting local governments in developing countries in their transition to sustainable and resilient territorial food systems. Louison has conducted many city region food system assessment in Zambia or Senegal and organized several multistakeholder workshops to identify collective local projects.


Mario Miffurc

Civic service volunteer

Mario is a recent graduate of a master’s degree in geography entitled Territorial Images and Experimentation (MIME), carried out at Bordeaux Montaigne University. This master’s degree is part of a reflection on the interrelation between geography and the visual (video, photography, cartography, etc.). He has just signed up as a volunteer for civic service with the Let’s Food association. His skills in information synthesis, visual production and his sensitivity for sustainable food projects with a positive environmental impact will be a plus.

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Adèle Guen

Civic service volunteer

At the interface between social, political, agricultural and environmental sciences, Adèle graduated from Sciences Po Rennes and AgroParisTech. Specializing in issues of agricultural and food transitions in the territories, she is involved as a civic service volunteer in the Let’s Food association. Her experiences in a consulting firm, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and associations on agroecological transition projects have confirmed her choice to follow this path. She brings to Let’s Food her knowledge of agroecological transition, her ability to embrace the multiple challenges of public policies and her motivation to help strengthen food resilience in the regions.

Governing body


Florian Hug-Fouché


Agroecology and territory project manager at Vertigo Lab

An agricultural engineer by training, Florian began his career in Cairo in 2011 with AFD to monitor the implementation of agricultural development and climate change adaptation projects. He then joined Utopies (France) to support agrifood players in their transitions. He then specialized in reducing food loss and waste in Africa (FAO, European project). Between 2016 and 2020, Florian conducted entrepreneurial consultancy and support activities in France to support and encourage sustainable agricultural and food transition at the territorial level. In 2020, he joined the Vertigo Lab design office, as an agroecology and territory project manager.


Nathalie Corade


Territorial economist, Senior Lecturer at Bordeaux Sciences Agro

An economist by training, Nathalie is responsible for the engineering specialization “Agriculture, Proximity and Territories here and elsewhere” at Bordeaux Sciences Agro. A member of the Technological Mixed Network “Local food chains for sustainable food”, she participates at the national level in discussions on the performance of short and local circuits and the conditions for their development. In addition, she follows and supports territories in the process of setting up Territory Food Projects.

gilles martin

Gilles Martin

Decentralized Cooperation Advisor Territorialized Food Policies at FAO

Gilles supports the implementation of FAO’s urban food strategy, in particular within the framework of decentralized cooperation projects between cities and between territories. Gilles previously worked in France for ten years, for the State and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council (agricultural and rural development policies). On these same themes, he participated in France’s international technical cooperation action for 8 years (Guinea-Conakry, Jordan and from Paris).


Valérie Nicolas

Department of International Relations, Collectivity of Corsica

A graduate in Real Estate Law, Cooperation and Language Policies, and International Relations, Valérie has worked internationally (Comoros, Yemen, Egypt, Australia, Argentina, Mexico) for nearly 20 years in the network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs especially. Specialist in decentralized cooperation, she was the advisor of the regions to the association of regions of France for 6 years for which she led, among others, the international working group of the world forum of regions (UCLG) on the location of the food economy. Since 2019, she has been setting up the service and the international cooperation strategy of the Collectivité de Corse.


Cécile Michel

Consultant, Secretariat of the Milan Pact for Urban Food Policies, Office of the Mayor of Milan

Cécile has a background in international relations. She worked for several years in international cooperation in Italy and West Africa on food security issues. She then worked in Milan, within the Scientific Committee for the 2015 Milan Universal Exhibition. Since 2016, she has been a consultant for the Mayor’s office of Milan, within the secretariat of the Milan Pact for Urban Food Policies.


Damien Conaré

Secretary General, UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems

An agricultural engineer, Damien has contributed to various agricultural press magazines. He joined the NGO Solagral (Agricultural and Food Solidarity) where he edited the quarterly magazine Courrier de la Planète, dealing with global issues of development, environment and agriculture. In 2011, he was appointed secretary general of the Unesco World Foods Chair, hosted by Montpellier SupAgro, where he organizes research, training and science-society dialogues.


Abdessalam El Khanchoufi

Professor of environment, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of Fez, Morocco

Abdessalam is a professor of environment and sustainable development at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez. He is involved with young people as Vice-President of the Advisory Commission for Young People to the Regional Council of the Fez Meknes region and Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Certification. He is also president of the M’tioua Association for the Environment and Sustainable Development and vice president of the Jbala Country Multidisciplinary Center, a research group in the field of tangible and intangible heritage.


Kader Makhlouf

Advisor for Europe, International, food and security strategies at France Urbaine

A graduate in international relations and foreign languages from the University of Grenoble, Kader Makhlouf first joined the legal department of Amnesty International in London. After two years at the National Assembly as a parliamentary collaborator, in 2011 he joined the Association of Mayors of the Large Cities of France to monitor European and international issues. In 2016, the year in which Urban France was created, he broadened his scope by addressing issues of security and territorial food strategies.


Leny Moulin

Sustainable food consultant

A young entrepreneur and independent consultant, Lény supports territories, both urban and rural, in the implementation of more sustainable food systems. For him, the Let’s Food Cities project is an original and relevant way of bringing together different ideological horizons, in order to converge together on the same point: understanding the food environment that surrounds us!


Bénédicte Duchamp

Sustainable food and consumption consultant at Utopies

Bénédicte joined the Utopies Sustainable Consumption team in 2016 after training as an agricultural engineer specializing in human nutrition and completing a master’s degree specializing in sustainable food systems. Since then, she has worked with many players in the agri-food and distribution sector to support them in improving their impact on the environment and on society. Thus, she works on the co-construction of CSR strategies, sustainable sectors and operational support.


Lise Oudda

Student at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, Territorial Management of Sustainable Development

Political scientist by training, adopted geographer, Lise is completing her Master 2 in Territorial Management of Sustainable Development at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne. It was when she had to do an internship in Master 1 that she met Anna and Louison and the adventure began with Let’s Food. As an intern, or as a member of the Let’s Food Board of Directors, Lise takes pleasure in discovering the challenges of agricultural and food themes as well as the workings of regional cooperation.


Thomé Orenga

IRISUP graduate in geoeconomics and risk management (2020)

After training in law and then in international relations, Thomé now holds a Master 2 in international economics and risk management. Passionate about international cooperation between local actors from different countries, Thomé joined Let’s Food in March 2020 for a 6-month internship. It was during this internship that he gained the certainty that global food issues could not be addressed without this international cooperation.


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